Horn Please!

Take a second look is a family show, created in the summer of 2013, with support from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Sometimes things are not what you think at first sight. It’s easy to create a picture of what you see and hear, but take a second look and you might see something else…

Through amazing masks, music, story telling and movements you’ll meet trickster characters from Scandinavian as well as North American folktales. Everything can happen in Take a second look! Maybe Näcken will meet a wailing saxophone? And who knows, maybe Coyte will learn how to dance the polska?

Take a second look is a show for everybody from age 4 with and by the American duo Whimzik (Kjelsty Hanson & Glenn Kastrinos) and the Swedish saxophonists Hanna Wiskari Griffiths & Nis Bäckvall.

Mer about Whimzik: www.whimzik.blogspot.com
Mer about Nis Bäckvall: www.cyklendeteater.dk/nis-backvall